Come on, get to know me. I dare you.
I'm not even sure which show I want to rant about. On one side there's Jordans BF or fiance or whatever showing up. On the other there's everybody and their mother suspecting Jason.
Ok let's start with Jason. I mean his dead sister just showed up. And then his mother is missing. And his "father" who's never gotten along with him is accusing him of things. I'd say he's allowed to be a bit unhinged. But noooooooooo... Jason's not acting like a pod-person... he must be up to something. Ergo He's A.
Seriously.. I get that they're just teenagers, but at least Spence should be smarter than that.
I really wish Spence would at least be there for her brother now that they know Mrs. D. is dead. It's not like Allie will.
It was really nice to see Toby again. Have kind of missed him, and Jason. Also, I really miss any story-line not involving A or Allie. It's been a while since those were around.

On to T.C. and Jordan drama. The part I really liked about this episode was that Drew got to prove what he's made of. And of course we're dying to find out more about the mysterious Rick.
Jordans whatever showing up kind of spins the whole thing in a new direction. Especially since it's obvious she and T.C. still have feelings for each other.
Oh, and Ragosa was just hilarious.

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